• Grant Handgis

Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

from "Journey From the Child"

Journey from the Child

I see in myself again and again

those hallowed voices rising from their depths

of places gone about

and times of wakeful dreams

embodied in their own mirthful song

Enchantress of earmarked ages

engaged in prospect of a victory assured

mindful of my weakness

not long after I've drank of the day

Shouting Priests of things yet to come

those believers of the mind

and I not of faith yet faithful of it all

know in the acts of myself

by coming into myself

Dreading fears in weakness of the flesh

staring idly off the distant shores

into shallow dreams of narrow visions

came again unto myself a yearning dreamer

I've thirsted for the fields in Spring

tasting the green and knowing of peace

no thirst since known from mankind's dawn

shall pass my chartered visions

Bird nor beast nor silent waters

have taken from me their own unchanging nature

nor yesterday's death shall stalk me

or cling to my shadowy past

but drift with me till tomorrow's dawn

This poem was one of my earliest, having been penned in the first of several creative writing courses in college. The meter skirts between the two Iambic forms; Tetrameter & Pentameter. Those were the first forms I was acquainted with during my studies, and I found them easy enough to incorporate into my own rhythm at the time. It began the first collection of poetry, focused mostly on social issues of the time. As so many young poets, I was rather idealistic.


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