• Grant Handgis

Richard Fenwick ~ Poet

from "Around The World Without A Sail"

Coffee Shop Noise

In a rare burst of November sun,

I sat outside a coffee shop

watching for signs of poetry,

listening to white noise filter

across the sidewalk, stacking notes

in a journal that trickled

from blue pen to yellow page.

I wrote of a white-button moon

lying flat on the sky’s blue shirt,

telephone wires stretched high

like lines on sheet music, birds

perched on them as quarter notes

over idling or sleeping cars.

I jotted small poems dedicated

to the couple arguing a wedding,

flicking angry cigarettes at

a plastic ashtray, black lab

panting at their feet,

and to the woman behind me

growling for sugar, her husband’s

metal chair scraping concrete

as he jumped to rescue her,

and of course I wrote a poem

dedicated to you,

sitting at your corner table

under a weathered poster

of Sri Lanka, stacking notes

in your tiny book,

and how I wondered if

you were writing about me,

the gray-haired man whose table

had just been covered in shade.

Copyright 2012

I find the poetry of Rickard Fenwick to be clean and polished. I mean clean as in no extraneous or unnecessary words for filler. Polished, in that tell the reader so much of the subject in short, concise lines, using descriptive metaphor.

I immediately came to appreciate Richard’s poetry upon reading the first penned lines, a few years ago, after meeting him at a meetup with a local poet’s group. He was genuine. His work was polished, and powerful. This poem is written in Iambic Tetrameter (four feet/line).That was one of the first things I noticed about his work. He moves between Tetrameter and Pentameter, which mirrors so much of my own work. I realized early on I had met a poet’s kindred spirit.

I will of course be posting more of Richard’s poetry in the future, as many times as I am able to wrest the poems from him. Enjoy.


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