• Grant Handgis

Message to the readers

Posting the poetry has been most enjoyable for me, and hopefully for you the reader as well. The poems I have been posting are written by polished poets who have had their work published in one form or another, and/or have their collected work published in book form. I hope to continue expanding the pool of poets from which to draw fresh pieces of work.

I also will begin posting excerpts from other genres as well. Exderpts from D Wallace Peach's fantasy stories, which are most excellent, as well as her newest 'dark' novel "The Bone Wall", as even short glimpses of her writing demonstrate her skills as a storyteller. One consideration to this practice is reading length, and that tends to be tricky business, offering up enough material to make a coherent piece of reading, and being too long for a blog post. I'll work on that balance carefully.


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