• Grant Handgis

Richard Fenwick ~ Poet

Halfway Point

She dips an oar from an ash canoe

into the lake’s dark surface,

pulls herself toward its center

to push away the past, or

future, or even tonight’s moon.

A fish leaps, concentric circles,

two small branches drift to shore

as her oar cuts deep into the skin

of water, the lake’s thin flesh.

Resting it against her thighs,

she glides until each ripple fades,

and wonders if she should return

to their small white dock

or complete the lonely journey

to the cottage on the other side.

Copyright 2012

This poem reflects a poignant peek at a quiet moment, the personal reflection of the subject. The lines speak of a nameless woman caught between the simple action of release, and a planned destination. Again, Richard’s poetic lines conform to the Tetrameter meter of open verse. A meter I particularly find appealing. This poem is, as the others, speaks directly to the reader in easy to understand phrases, without need for interpretation or confusion to the meaning. This is Richard’s gift as a poet.

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