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Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

More Poems from Mexico

from "Gringo's Tour of Mazatlan"

Camping on memories

Every night is the same

here, the beers with dinner

then the few more, along with

flat conversation conjured up

with some retired types

followed by the endless

Kahluas at Gus' on the strip

watching patrons,

counting traffic,

even smiling over

an uproarious joke I hear

but unable to decipher, yet

smile, riding on the moment

but mostly miss the feel

of your hand when it seeks out

mine, or the wind in your hair

when you are looking endlessly

into the future, and

I still listen for your breathing

in the night, when I

lie sweating, alone,

with you filling my

dreamy thoughts, which

occupy my nights here

in Mazatlan, but I can

still hold your smiling

face in my mind's eye

and regularly, I take

you flying to a magic island

beyond the surf

watched nightly, beckoning me

with a very tempting

invitation, using you

as hostage, while

calling my name

Copyright 1978-2011

So many of these poems pointed to the woman still in Arizona whom I found haunting my thoughts, and my dreams while I spent my days in Mazatlan struggling to weigh my future options, of following my earlier dream of slipping away from my old life as I had known it, into a storied life of writting as a solitary figure, or embracing a new and engaging life with her. As the poems piled up with her as the central theme I began to realize the answer to this conundrum was beginning to form of its own, without any need of any nudging on my part. I was becoming involved in love, although I had yet to realize it or admit it to myself.


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