• Grant Handgis

Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

from “In The Age of Youth”

Cast the seed & reap the child

I shared your table, when you had no walls

to house you, no roof to stop the rains,

and blew stiffly at your back, the days

when there were blisters on your hands

from the hours spent removing the stones

that abounded in the blackened soil

obstructing the seed and chipping the plow

which rode the Conestoga with the trunks

of stock, Grandpa's Bible, and the rocker

which lulled your son on the meaner nights

in March, to the disparity of cursing

beneath your breath, spurring your dreams

of greener hills and space to raise your own,

the honest toil and golden maize

from open fields with room to breathe,

and build the walls to shield your son

who will know the many aches of life,

the annoying persistence of my breath,

and feel the sting of cold on calloused hands,

when I come to sit at his table

This poem began a series of poems that for me reflected an historical social perspective, and values. This one was more of historical explanation, others a more reflective of social conditions that strikes at the heart of a poet’s view of the world. I was a young man at odds with a changing world seen as becoming more cruel and less affected by social upheavals, and social conditions. These were poems of my earliest work.


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