• Grant Handgis

Richard Fenwick ~ Poet

To the Twenty-Something Girl Who Winked

It’s not that I don’t admire

the reds and greens running down

both arms and across your thighs,

it’s just that I’d be despondent

next to all that ink, knowing

I could never quite undress you.

Copyright 2012

Here is a poem of simplicity which alludes to the natural inclination of men to admire the fine features of a woman, without wanton lust or apology. In six lines, Richard has captured a timeless sense of male/female ego. How we as humans go about the task of outwardly showing our personal identity the the larger world, and how that is perceived by the opposite sex. This example being a man seeing the tattooed woman as appreciably attractive, yet masked in a way that hides the truer nature. Simple lines with complex meanings.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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