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Blog from the Islands

As promised I am posting from the Islands. This one happens to be St. Croix, from Coconut Beach, looking west over the blue waters of the Atlantic, not a bad place to be, considering we foiund a very nice young man named Paul who has started a business tending to turista types, offering beach chairs and umbrellas, including Rum Punch for a very reasonable price. As a serial confessor I will say we indulged ourselves in the five hours on the beach, watching beach patrons strolling by.

I know, work. I was hard at work, thinking up lines of poetry that might be worthy of the experience as we were having from our well placed spot on the beach. Those lines will be forth coming, just as soon as I have returned to my right mind once again. A special thank you to my sweet daughter who has reminded me that this is a vaction, although I am insisant on keeping the blog up to date. The call of duty and all. I am always appreciate of those who take the time to visit. Happy Sunday.


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