• Grant Handgis

Richard Fenwick ~ Poet


At your funeral, I stood far away

from grave and mourners,

bowing as the Rabbi read

a Hebrew Psalm, and someone

asked me of that distance.

Dear woman, I want you to know

across the space of headstones

and all the wilted roses, I was

learning how it feels to miss you

Copyright 2012

Once again Richard has captured a multitude of emotions and feelings in nine scant lines of open verse, in a mix of Tetrameter & Pentameter. He speaks of a funeral proceding of Jewish tradition at a woman’s gravesite, from afar. In explanation of this physical distance, it is explained that the real distance to the deceased is her severed connection to this man, the truer mourning of her passing, and his loss. powerful and poignant meanings using simple words.

This poem will be part of a new collection of poetry in Richard's upcoming book "Unusual Sorrows". I include it here as I was fortunate to have Richard send it to me to include it with the poems from his first book; "Around The Sun Without a Sail". I will be posting more poems from this new collection as soon as Richard acquiesces to my entreaties for more of his work.


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