• Grant Handgis

Checking In from St. Kitts

As in so many instances, life isn't perfect. Even when sailing about the Caribbean it is not always sunshine and blue skies, as was the case this morning when we toured St. Kitts. No, I wasn't writing about it, although there are a few things mentionable of the excursion. One being a visit to the sugarcane processing plantation where Thomas Jefferson's great grandfather was involved, and his grandfather is buried. The original building of lava stone remain intact, although not now used other than for pointing to for tourists. From the photo it is evident that the sun was hiding for the most part and the rain fell off and on. That wasn't too difficult to understand being we were in a rain forest, where more monkeys live than the total of all residents on the island. Trivia for free.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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