• Grant Handgis

From My View in Dominica

I can say without reservation that today, life was not hard. I learned two things today. The first being that the pronunciation of Dominica is (Domineeka) as told to me by a very nice local man named Richard, who told me of many things about his beautiful island and its people. The second thing is that one of the rare beaches on the island has black volcanic sand, which is very fine and soft on the feet.

From my perspective on the beach, life went on as it always does here, placid and with grace. As a serial confessor, I will admit that there isn't a whole lot of writing going on right now, with exception to the poetic lines that form themselves almost without effort, as happens when I am in another country sampling the local fare and conversing with the beautiful people who live in those enchanted places. That seems to come all of its own.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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