• Grant Handgis

Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

from “In The Age of Youth”

The Cold Shoulder of Caring

Let me get this straight

The St. Louis agents lost your baggage

which had all your money

and someone lifted your ticket to Portland

at the Windover terminal

so you hitchhiked here?

A quivering lip and glaze of fear, waxing

over her features was evidence of the truth

and confirmed the plight had settled upon her,

to the deepest labyrinth of comprehension

bringing out the best of her sweet allure

Where will you go...

anyone you can contact?

You're pretty young to be out here all alone.

Still the silence

with only heavy breathing, to ward off the tears

and hold in what control remained

Come with me to my pad,

I'll take care of you...

show you a good time

wine, smoke, hey,

you'll forget all about this

for awhile, winking

to make her feel at ease

Only the cold metallic feel of dying was left,

and the aching knowledge of failure began to penetrate

to the depth of her bowels

caving in the pretty features of her face

to the ashen pallor of doom

C'mon sweets

I've got a water bed and all,

everything's a trade now, hey,

you gotta learn to flow, you know...

I'm offering to help you out n'give you a hand...

I'm only thinking of what's best for you...

you'll freeze out here...

there's no place else to go


you're such a sweet thing, I really like you

Sliding his arm around her

sent sparks flying to the distant shadows

and thunder to her temples

intensifying the evil feeling in her groin


I can't...

I can't



there's a bench....


Copyright 1978-2011


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