• Grant Handgis

Raymond Keen ~ Author/Poet

from “Love Poems For Cannibals”

The Conductor

That's it folks.

Let them through.

That's it.

Easy does it.

They're American.

Let them through please.

That's it, you're doing fine.

Just along here.

It won't be long now.

These are the Americans.

That's it, watch your step.

Here we are.

It's not far.

Make way there!

There we are folks.

Step right along.

Excuse these Americans, please.

You're almost there.

Uh. . .excuse them please.

Yes, yes, these are the Americans.

Ah yes, you can stop now.

Take out your passports.

Yes, these are the ones. . .

Okay, in the name of the Queen,

We arrest you for the murder of. . .

Copyright 2012


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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