• Grant Handgis

Final Day

Final days are for remembering the events leading up to that moment when you realize one chapter is closing, with another one just beginning. This chapter was an enjoyable one, as well as one that has given me much to think about as a writer. I like to think each chapter of my life is one more learning experience, one more time to readjust myself to changing realities. Truth be told, this was to be a vacation, or holiday as the Brits say. I like that word and so many others the Brits use, being they get away with saying things that would get an American in social trouble for saying aloud.

What I learned, again, from this time away from my normal daily routine is simply that I, and any writer can indeed balance the demands and vagaries of life in such a way that all things come out a winner in the end. The only ones you can't always please are the little muse, and those little monkeys are just hard to please most of the time. While I was away I was able to put time to thinking about the book that awaits my return. Standing back to view what I have already put to the page, and how I might improve upon those lines of thought. That part of holiday can also be enjoyable, even entertaining if one allows. As enjoyable as this trip has been, I truly look forward to returning home, to my book, and the routine I have come to embrace therein. As for those little muse that love to mess with my head, I leave them to find their own way home.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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