• Grant Handgis

Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

from “In The Age of Youth”

One more for the Road

from In View of Progress

Crop after crop the fields yielded their bounty

from persistent care and days of laborious chore,

shown by the grooves of age rubbed smooth

on the time worn plow, and the multitude of hoes,

rakes and scythes laying scattered about the yard

where the bent frame of an old man stands idle

with only the filthy clothes remaining his own

showing a parade of unmatched patches on faded denim

and the shapeless shoes with cardboard soles

to hold back the cold, and hold in the flattened feet

from aching years of following the plow

cutting deep the earth

exposing its naked smile in jagged furrowed rows

like a reflection of his own wrinkled brow

when his toil and determination reaped the grains

the years when there was rain enough, and sun

to warm the seed

long before the drone of combines, and the dusty paths

they cut

across the open land where the small farms once lay

like the ghost of his father come back in the silence

watching his fields in their death throws

of neglect

after the farm's default, since riddled with weeds

and limp sheathes on corn gone dry to blowing winds

like the heart of the old man, who hears only

the soft crying of an old woman in the doorway

and the steady thump of motors in the distance

Copyright 1978-2011


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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