• Grant Handgis

Poetic Style and Raymond Keen

This morning's post is a another poem by Raymond Keen, from his book “Love Poems for Cannibals”. It might be said that Raymond's poetry is visceral or gritty and it would be hard to argue against that. His poems grab the reader by the eyeballs and don't let go. All poetry is sort of an argumentative tautology, in that the poet leads the reader down a metaphoric path towards the final line, the closing words that make an essential point, from the summation of preceding poetic lines.

Deducing the points made in the last post concerning poetry, and poets that produce the lines, here I am arguing Raymond Keen's style of poetry. He uses open verse, or free verse form, but his style of poetry is very recognizable, as is Alice Walker, in her book “Horses Make the Landscape More Beautiful”, which made me an immediate fan of her poetry. Each line being read adds meaning and momentum to the line behind it, moving the reader ever closer towards the final summation, the poet's meaning. Every good poem will have such a conclusion or finality that sums up the poem's message.

I am working at increasing the base of poets to draw from, which takes time of course. Who knows, some day I may be graced with having Alice Walker's poetry posted here. I ask permission before posting a poet's work. In the meantime, I hope the poets that are posted here, inspire and entertain.


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