• Grant Handgis

Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

from “In The Age of Youth”



In View of Progress

The word came in on the wire

the permit stands

and the clearing goes on as scheduled

So the men moved with caution

amid nervous chatter and forced laughter

from some tireless joke cutting the air

in unison to the cock crow from the distant house

where the crazy old woman has dug herself in

like a doughboy at Forest Tierre'

with burlap bags of dirt guarding the doors

like trench line bunkers, and boards to hide the glass,

and only the dog moved about the ghostly place

skittish to the snapping sound made from the rusty bolt

of an old Springfield, protruding through a narrow crack

She had made it clear, had let 'em know what she'd do

to the first one of the bastards to cross her line

intending to flatten her place with one of those

belching beasts, which still sat idling just out of reach

where somber faces now stared into the distance

and serious tones worked out the fairest plan

to the final solution, of who was goin' first

Copyright 1978-2011

At the time of this writing I was very much focused on social issues and social inequities as I saw them. One of the periods of time that affected me a great deal was the great depression, which had become seared into my brain through college studies. I was a psyche major and a History minor, and at this period of time the focus was on American History. When one is young and immensely impressionable coming to realize the and better understand the failures of one's country, is painful.

I was definitely an idealist, and very possibly much of that idealism has never completely taken leave, although I consider myself more of a pragmatist in later years. As will be seen in ensuing poems, my idealism formed much of my thinking, and all of my poetry. I had found a new and undefinable way to pen the lines that coursed through my brain. The meter of the poems came of its own, without any nudging on my part. I merely needed to imagine a scene, and feel the despair, and the words poured forth as water over the rocks.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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