• Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

"Layers of an Onion"

Layers of an Onion

What you call

quality of life




but fabricated


obscuring the truth

of other's anguish

and social drudgery

crime and pollution

and your own inner fears

of losing it all

and falling into the trap

of making do in the world

until there is not even hope


for escaping

the world

of illusions

Copyright 1978-2011

There is little need for explanation for this particular poem. Frustration. If thirty years of memory holds true the lines derive of an accusation. When writing poetry, no one particular individual is needed to sling words of frustration and accusation. That's the role of angst. Being short and direct as the lines are shows it sprang of an inspirational moment. Notice also the actual shape of the poem, as half an evergreen tree. Truth be told, there was no intent for that on my part.

What can be said of this period was the poetic meter of most of these poems was far more truncated, short and argumentative, acusatory. It was simply the times, and my responce to the social upheavals taking place. The displacements, disappointments and disallusion that was felt in so many corners of society I frequented at the time. But that is the job of the poet. Absorb the energy and put it into words, line by line. Regurgitate the beauty and bile of life, equally, lovingly. I was doing that job to the best of my ability.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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