• Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

"In A Messy World"

In a Messy World

I think of all the cluttered minds

of cultural bending to the times

when everyone scoffs at values lost

then invest their lives to nothing

When last we gave our gained consent

to freedom's truths and government

of and for a people's cause

to celebrate the coming fortunes

Many fortunes lost and others gained

business ventures through people's pain

the years of promises to those affected

with ultimate sorrow finding those aged souls

Centuries unfold and others follow

to varying drum beats calling weary pilgrims

onward to the folly of vendetta marches each time

when foolish themes fall silent to current struggles

Thus, our Gods have changed their names

from time to time in every vein, of the day

with every soul raptly awaiting the word

from the pulpit of material agents

Copyright 1978-2011

Although the theme to my poetry of that period continued unabated the style and meter adapted over time to what I was writing about or how I was feeling. I wasn't actively attempting to experiment stylistically, as much as merely allow the mood and energy to shape the lines as they flowed onto the page. This poem conformed to Iambic form, loosly betewen Tetrameter and Pentameter, as would others to come.

This poem is also one of the very rare ones to use rhyming patterns, although not in the normal rhyming pattern seen in most rhyming poetry. First two lines of the first three stanzas in rhyming pattern, falling off the final two. This was not intentional, but an outcome of the stream of conscious writing style I use when writing poetry. I was still very much affected by the social issues of the times.


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