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on Seeking the Way I

From the first there was the idea

arriving out of thought from worlds before

our own, and hastened into words

the cause, which struck on eager ears

the answers which were in the offing

for those who chose to seek the way

and labor of their own in the image of

creation, or be set about to wander trails

of bygone days and tears, wept bitterly in

respite of seeking the heart, left waiting

in prospect of journey's end, on the dusty paths

of preeminence, laid before their feet

like answers before the child who doesn't see

nor hears the voice of doubt, in things so lucid

as assertions of the given word of others gone before

leaving their markers of truth on tabloids of history

guiding the wandering flock of man

down murky roads of shadow and chance, and

holding their souls for retribution

until they find their way

Copyright 1978-2011

Continuing the poetry on social issues, this one began a philosophically oriented poem that would become a series. The style and meter also began to change, once again moving towards the Iambic form, which would become something of a standard for me.


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