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"Reaching A Target Date"

Reaching a target date


on Seeking the Way IV

The unrolling of the scroll was the first

hope, which lingered until the death

of Abraham, and the children of the word

fell pray to sin, by lying with their kind,

consorting with their own in changing ways

not prescribed, nor tolerated, and even into

death did they carry this carnal weight

to sons of sons and daughters of weeping

mourners, garnished in fashionable black repose

We will have a homeland they cried

We will have our place they sang

and the children danced, the women wept

of better times, while the men of the book

struck light on the path of the word

so vexed of floods and years of bondage,

chained to fates laid bare by the powers

of Yah, stood bleeding in rags before

the carnage they feared, this time

the year of the prophecy, when the

gathering of tribes would constitute a state

and the place shall be settled by the sounding

of the word, echoing in the bowels of those

descendants of him, who gave out the

word, to the men of the fields whose children

they gave in blood, to the wailing cries

of mourners, wearing fashionable black repose

Copyright 1978-2011

Religion has always facinated me, from the days I served inside a church, observing things from the inside, looking out. Part of the social perspective, for me, has to do with social/cultural belief, and what part that has to play in the social scene. This would not be the only such poem seeking to ask this question, or comment on religious activism.

The idea behind these poems is not to judge nor evaluate religion. My work as a poet is to sculp the religious anatomy in the socially historical sense. As all things, history tends to repeat itself with variations upon the theme, and humans tend to follow the dictums of nature in their historical behavior. It is the work of the poet to capture the essense of human behavior that shapes the human narrative. This poem is one small observation of that narrative.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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