• Raymond keen ~ Poet

"Hic et Nunc"

Hic et Nunc

One Christian empire

collapsing into another,

like fly wings

falling into infants' milk,

or the worm-dog

with no legs

sleeping in the fog,

ichello briatsia

his little teeth

starting to rot,

tears seeping

from his single infected eye,

here and there and

everywhere his mouth

or similar opening,

like the devil's hand,

lies heavily upon us.

Teme Mori

Remember Saturn

eating his own children,

or silver water

turning black.

A little bit terrifying,

when we wake up blind,

when we wake up blind.

Are those Siamese cats

playing dead?

Are those Mormon families

neatly arranged

in the order of their dying?

They will be numbered

before they are named,

a company spokesman said.

Copyright 2012

The theme of social decay and personal suffering continues in this poem, with reference to social

collapse and dying children. Reference is made again to an indifferent theoretical spokesperson

for the powers that be, casting a blind eye of on it all. The metaphors are rich with irony and

indicate samples of social order as part of the fraying social order. This poem must be read more

than once for the fuller grasp of its meaning.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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