• Raymond Keen ~ Poet

"A fundamental Error in the Original Set"

A fundamental Error in the Original Set

In the business of death

It always ends badly.

Cleaning the mirror,

Washing the blood away.

But we don't laugh, but we don't cry,

Making us better things.

As perfect as death

Martin liest eine Zeitung.

A little bit like the Devil

Explaining his church to his brethren.

Having chosen the wrong path,

It always ends badly.

It's a fundamental error

In the original set.

It's a fundamental error

In the original set.

Copyright 2012

A different meter and style, set in couplet form, yet same theme as the other poems of this collection. Death, destruction and indifference permeate the poetry of this collection, using irony and a sort of social sociopathy to emphasize the callousness of the social order. The repeating stanzas appear as metaphor for a philosophy that began corrupted in its original form. A social path taken that has shown to be destructive from its inception. Something more than one philosopher have argued on several grounds.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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