• Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

"Learning" from On Seeking The Way


from “On Seeking the Way” VI


is the hearts of maidens not yet wrung

nor pierced by arrows of fallen chance

but lies in wait to the failures of design

and there remains

without foresight yet of paying no mind

to attrition of the heart.

Am I not the timeless fortitude left dangling

within expensively tailored suits, or the curling iron

left to adorn and mask the courtesans years,

like beads and paint

ornamenting the many hidden parlors and contentions.

I ride my victories on old and weathered rails

and long for the gilded stallion.


not of fallen pride, when a well turned thigh

renews my will, and brings me again to my more common senses

blanketing my stagnant ride with illusions

which pacify my dreams

and entice the lustful cravings I own and entertain

when all those about me follow in accord

and chance their own

moving pageantry past their fences too.

Would there be less in my grieving were the fence makers

taken away,

and kept from their rueful task of sustaining my ploy,

leaving me to straddle yet another spurious steed?

I want the heart to take me, in its own silent domain

and know the sustenance of life

without the trained and wary eye.

Were I to descend this tranquilizing perch

and wander the many paths of life,

I would come to know the other world

and the fertile pastures of the stallion.

Copyright 1978-2011

This poem begins a sort of shift in the focus on the things that moved me to write poetry. The meter and style also began to change in some ways. This poem questions the very value we place upon things in society, by their visual appeal to material and social value. Very fertile ground for poetic pursuits. This poem also began more sophisticated attempts of expressing what I was attempting to put to paper.

The idea for sophistication was not witty lines or words one needed to look up, but expressions which cut to the heart of things in a metaphorical way. Metaphor is lifeblood of the poet. This poem is also one of the few that was edited and altered some time after its writing, from input and offered advice from another poet I knew of the time. A woman of keen insight and poetic skill. I thank her for that well advised revisal to a weaker piece of work. Sad for me is the loss of her name due to the many years hence this exchange.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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