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"Message to a Son" Lesson #2

Message to a Son

Lesson #2

Never listen to a one

who begs the question while

conveying it as an evil, lest

you be known as yet another

hypocrite, and fool

Seek a woman who makes

your heart sing its song when

you first see her face in the morning, and

When you take those steps

on the beach, think not of

the length of the stride, nor

the pattern left behind, but only

the course you are taking

and the feel of the sand

on your feet


Written a short time after the first such Message to a Son, this poem continued the theme of passing along knowledge from father to son, in hopes some of the message is grasped, and in time learned, as a man. Again, this poem, as the second of three, was written years after this fuller collection was put together.

These messages left to my son are to me as a father, and poet, the better part of any legacy or knowledge that can be passed along to one's offspring, and only son. It is these insights that take a lifetime to come to know first hand, through the many years of trial and error. It is said that if one feels regret they are living in the past, and if they feel anxiety they are living in the future. Therefore life is best lived in the moment, for there is no other time for which to know life to its fullest. In these poems it is my hope that this insight makes it through to the one for whom they are written.


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