• Raymond Keen ~ Author/Poet

"Holiday Madness, 1976"

Holiday Madness, 1976

At Christmas I opened many

battery-operated gifts.

Where are the batteries?

On Monday

the bank teller

tells me

that Norbert Wiener is the Anti-Christ,

But who is Norbert Wiener?

Tuesday the voices

tell me to clean up

the mess.

“Just clean it up!”

they say.

I remember the flowers

on her pretty pink dress.

(I didn't really look at the dress

or her body under the dress,

but I looked at

the flowers on the dress.)

On Thursday I go

to the library.

I read where

Norbert Wiener's critics say

that uniformity is the

work of the Devil.

Today is Friday.

The voices tell me

it's the end of the world.

And the light in the sky is the sun.

The voices say,

“Look, look at that sun!

Open your eyes wide

and look at that sun!

Copyright 2012

Raymond's keen madness as a poet is indicative of his poetic words, dicing the everyday into bits and pieces of thought, to be dredged up and mentally chewed before they can be digested and better understood. There is a streak of vicious truth to his lines of poetry calling out the world for its grotesque principles and practices on helpless or hapless citizens. Reading his words tells us something dark about our cultural nature.


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