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"Message to a Son" Lesson #3

Message to a Son

Lesson #3

All the tools of life you ever

need, lie within the heart

and can only be found by


seeking within

not looking without

any purpose but knowing

the self, and the length of

sojourn you are willing to

take, alone on that damn beach, which

stretches endlessly into tomorrow

and the rest of your life, for then


down that long stretch of sand

do you reach the real world

of proffered truths, to

party with the locals

while dancing on the edges

of the Universe

Copyright 1978-2011

This final poem of the three written as lessons passed along to the son, summed up what I had learned in a half-century of life, realized while walking on a beach in Mazatlan, during a time of deep introspection. The two weeks I spent walking that beach the many times, was a most potent period for me as a poet, and a father.

The three poems as messages to a son have been included in the collection “On Seeking The Way” due to their thematic message as well as their poetic style. Also from those two weeks of walking that beach, and sitting at a sidewalk cafe table during the evenings, I penned many more poems that would become another collection of poetry to come.


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