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"Reflections on the Water"

Reflections on the Water

There are the engrams of solitude

which settle themselves comfortably upon me

those times when I let myself go

and hear only the breathing of nature

in her peacefully stifled sigh

carrying the calm over grassy flowered meadows

to the dusk of another day

when the wind and the howling of the dog

are carried together over the marshes

like partners in intricate dance

and the thrashing of wild fowl in retreat

casts reflections upon the water

ruffling the tranquil peace of life, which pays no mind

nor alters its placid stare

and I in my own realm cannot be stirred

by movements of the performers

and know only the quiet of the trees

as they gather in the fading light, one to another

and talk, in the silent talk of trees

as I drift in the hush of it all

my thoughts begin again

those thoughts of harsher scenes, of men to men

the hunter and the hunted, like panthers in the night

stalking rewards of the chase

and feeling no shame from the gorging of victory

when they, like the cat, move within their skills

clinging to old patterns of their past

teasing my illusion in the thoughts of it all

as the wind whispers its mournful song

the grasses bend low in nodding recognition

to a story well recited, and the wild fowl

lift off to the sanctity of retreat, while the

trees stand unmoving, and silent

Copyright 1978-2011

This poem completes the collection of poems “On Seeking The Way”, the second collection of poetry in the book “In The Age of Youth”. It was not the latest poem within this collection, but was actually written early in my poetry writing, during one of my courses in creative writing.

For me, it sort of capped the collection as a natural ending, a sunset to the larger work. Confessions as they are, I will say that this poem did not go over well with the instructor, with the criticism of the very name being a cliché, and therefore ripe for ridicule and derision. Being a stubborn poet, I refuted this admonishment and kept the title and its use within the poem, being it captured what I believed to be the very essence of the work. I leave it up to the readers to draw their own conclusions. I am but the poet.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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