• Raymond Keen ~ Author/Poet

"Learning to Spell"

Learning to Spell

The Renaissance turned sour.

There are worms in David's eyes.

I saw my Joan of Arc

Burning in the elevator.

I dwell on a Christ

With saliva in his mouth.

We are learning together

How to spell the truth.

We are seen form the outside.

We are meat. We are meat.

In this biology of lies,

I wish I could tell you

How close to crazy I feel.

I wish I could tell you

How close to crazy I feel,

How close to crazy I feel.

Copyright 2012

This poem is mostly in a Couplet form, with repetitious lines in the final two stanzas to emphasize the poet's point. The lines seem to speak of the poet's frustration at things only the poet's sensitive heart might feel from peering into the cauldron of social injustices. There isn't much that can be said beyond the fact that Raymond's poetry speaks loudly of his disdain for such social fabrications that cover over the things that need to be addressed, and learned from.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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