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The diet of poetry continues, for awhile longer as I am now working on two books, simultaneously, and that takes some brain power to come to terms why I might be doing that. One is dicey enough, and two adds a couple of hot chiles to the soup. I am able to juggle those balancing acts being the book about Vietnam gets my original attention, usually very early in the morning, before break time. The book on black and white photo chemistry mostly derives from memory and experience, so only needs organization of straight forward information.

There are still dedicated black and white photographers who shoot film and using traditional chemical processing for their negatives. It is a simple fact that there aren't that many photographers who understand photo chemistry, and rely instead of commercial pre-packaged developers to process their negatives. Their art. Would any self-respecting culinary chef admit to using Bisquick when they bake. . .?? I think not. Why would any serious traditional black and white photographer use a pre-mix developer that, in many cases, is ill suited for their needs? Chemicals are cheap compared to commercially mixed formulas. They stay fresh over long periods with very little effort, and are far more effective as developers for modern films. Time will tell if black and white photographers take the time to learn the basics of their craft.

So, sorry about the same soup in different flavors over the past weeks. I'm running in place as fast as I can. I hope to have more of Rick Fenwick's poetry to post sometime soon, plus an interview with him on his new book of poetry out this year. If you know of a self-published poet who you feel is polished and has a book in print you are more than welcome to leave a comment to that affect with the poet's name and I will certainly give them a shot at posting their work here. Thanks for your patience.


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