• Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

"En la Playa"

from "Living on Dreams"

En la playa

On the beach, I watched

the children await the waves

patiently sitting in the sand

of the waters wake

speaking faster than I could

understand, while not moving far

from the vista-rama of parental view

sipping cervezas and cokes

fanning away the summer heat

but glowing with late afternoon

Mazatlan sun

The hotels on Sabalo beach

speak of wealth and well placed

patrons, vacationing in style

But on the beach

unwary of this scene

the many faces

greet the crashing waves

as eager smiles and

squeals of delight

fly across the sand.

Copyright 1998-2011

This collection of poetry was written almost twenty years after the first collections. I had ventured into Mexico on my own in preparation for a later move there, to write. What I hadn't counted on was having met a woman at that particular time, and that set off a complex chain of events that would change everything.

I begin the poems with the first one I wrote, sitting on a beach the first day of arrival, watching the people of the city go about their daily affairs, bring their children to the beach for an afternoon of sun and surf. The mood and energy was infectious, and I returned again and again for more moments when the beach was alive with children, the sun was warm and the words flowed easily onto the pages of my blank book of poems.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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