• Raymond Keen ~ Author/Poet

"How It Will End"

How It Will End

In the end

there will be no witnesses

as far as we know.

But there are no guarantees.

In the final entropy

of the last 400 million years,

the time it will take for the life

of all radioactive substances to expire,

the incessant yet now forsaken sound of the World Sirens,

still very loud and shrill,

undiminished really,

will be the last testament

to human technological mastery,

a manufactured sound devised so well

that it will never end

as far as we know.

But there are no guarantees.

This incessant sound of the World Sirens

will be ignored

by the centipedes, scorpions, and cockroaches

that make their own sounds

as legs and abdomens rub together

in their jostling for space

in the empty and permanent night.

This immortal sound of the World Sirens

in the absence of light

will be wasted

on this seething mass

of copulating insects

quivering with agitation

that certainly lack

any appreciation

of immortality

as far as we know.

But there are no guarantees.

Copyright 2011

When it was said that Raymond doesn't write poems about sunsets, this poem exemplifies that. Raymond's lines reflect on the world matters fomenting in ever more dangerous ways. There is a bit of despair, or possibly disdain for what the poet sees of the world at large. For me, this is where the poet is most pertinent, speaking of humanity is general, of the moral and ethical issues of the times. Raymond reminds us of the worldly affairs of man that can turn out very badly for man.


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