• Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

"Mazatlan Sunset"

Mazatlan, Sunset

I had never really thought

about it before

pondered it, to follow the

mental scent of the trail

and see where it may lead

There were just the experiences

of shared ventures

She was so soft, this woman

melting in my thoughts

and flowing along like

an ancient friend


the future as it unfolds

before our words, and

dances at the edge of

the world we are creating, and

it is exciting to me to

sit here two thousand

miles away, with her fixed

firmly in my mind, smiling

that smile


dancing on a beach

in Mazatlan

Copyright 198-2011

The first of the love poems to come, this one from the beach, second day out. It was just there, on the page when I took the time to read what I had written. An outcome from writing in a stream of conscious fashion. The words make themselves known without logical forethought. With the first such love poem finding its way to the page I hadn't put much thought to it beyond whether it was a good piece. Good piece as in values of meter & style, as well as understandable in the metaphoric way. Reaching the end of a poem without having a clue what it was about or what it might mean doesn't bring the reader back for more.

This was but the first of the love poems, in this collection, and the following one, written while later living in Mexico with a new found woman who would become my soul mate in life. Those later love poems would be lengthier and more complex, likely because our lives became more complex over that period of time. All of them were outward expressions of how I was feeling, fulfilling the task of any poet.


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