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"New Insights"

New Insights

I have learned many new things

in Mazatlan, like

too many coronas is

almost equal to drinking

un-boiled tap water,

the two most useful words

on the beach are...

no gracias, and

you can take the squeak

out of the overhead fan with

a decent brand of tropical

tanning oil, always

always put the cooking pot

on the burner before lighting

the gas, which prevents

searing all the hair from

the offending hand, and

the chicas on the beach

truly make a man glad

to be alive

I've also learned

the nights are somewhat longer,

passing a bit slower

with you held firmly

in my thoughts

but not my arms, and

I awaken umpteen times

every night to feel for

your warm skin, which

talks to me like lightning

yet eludes my searching hand

It is true one can live

cheaply, in Mexico

as I have learned

to live outside air conditioned

ways, where other needs prevail

and I continue to appreciate

the abundant forms of art, as

the dulcenas (sweet things) are

just everywhere, and my eyes

fall in love two hundred

times a day, yet my heart

holds a rather spacious place

in it

for a certain desert princess, whom

I wait out the hours

to join me

Copyright 1998-2011

The poems to come would increase in length and become a bit more complex, although the meter and tempo of the lines doesn't change much at all, remaining in an Iambic form. This poem pondering the coexistence of my life in a foreign country with my feelings for a woman I had recently met, but couldn't get out of my mind. The one thing which I could latch onto was the simple fact that I was once again writing poetry, and that was all I needed for sustenance at the time.


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