• Raymond Keen ~ Author/Poet

"Schizophrenics and Children"

Schizophrenics and Children

I come in.

I close

the (metaphysical) door

behind me.

Now, in the garden

of a madman,

I see the ants

are eating other ants

in his sugar house.

Heads are shaved

for the inquisition.

They have to prove

if the others' blood

is really red,

if the others' blood

is really blood.

Someone has to pay

for these holy trials.

Someone has to pay

for these machines

of divine justice.

Someone must determine

how and why

the blood

of each maleficus

changes color at night.

Have I locked the door

to his sugar house?

Have I given up

religion for crime?

Do you want the truth,

or do you want another lie?

Are we all caught

in some kind of machine,


Copyright 2011

Another rather good example for the cultural disdain the poet shows of social injustices of epic proportion throughout the history of western civilization. That could be said of most cultural histories. It could even be argued that cultural degradation derives from human nature. It is the very duty of the poet to point out cultural flaws, social injustices, human frailties and misgivings. It would seem Raymond is doing his job, well.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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