• Raymond Keen ~ Author/Poet

"Don't Blame Marx"

Don't Blame Marx

In Part I

the Americans

put on their bright,

Christian smiles. “He and I

can go all night,” she says.

“I hope thee is a war. I want

to kill again,” he says

Now w're in the cages

with some dead soldiers

. . . in Huntsville, Texas . . .

Don't blame Marx.

We are impelled

to call ourselves,

“The children of Sartre.” It's all done with m irrors,

in a place where liars'

call liars liars, in a place where hate itself

is blotting out the sun.

“There's blood on the apple!

Call the police!”

cries the good Samaritan.

“Step away! Step away!

There's blood on the apple!”

shout the police,

examining the apple,

making the killing easier.

In Part II

the government

blames the rebels, and

the rebels blame the

government, everyone

running like blind dogs

in a meat house

. . . in Huntsville, Texas . . .

“Well decorate the cages,” they said,

making the killing easier,

making the killing easier.

In Part III

the clinic discards the embryos,

or so says the Reverend Jimmy Swaggart,

“. . . To be frank with you.

“. . . To be frank with you.

We have let the Devil into the house.”

In Part IV

the children gather round us.

“Can we eat plastic?” they ask.

Marcus shows me his teeth

as I pass by his desk.

In Part V

the children ask,

“When our beds are burning,

how can we sleep?”

Copyright 2011

This piece squares itself on social character and the tendency for it to be two faced, covered in slang and political slogan. There is of course certain levels of hypocrisy alive and functioning well in more than one level of our society, and of which this poet speaks. Raymond's poetry is not dark in my mind, but cutting and very direct. I congratulate him on those virtues.


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