• Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet



The dark weathered skin of

the old man selling shaved ice

said he was an old friend

of the sun, and the muscular

grace of such a one

showed he was an ally

of hard work

He moved on to sell his ware

as did all the others, like him

living their lives one day at a

time, with a beautiful

dignity this Gringo has come

to love

Life is good here.

Life is good.

Copyright 1997-2011

It didn't take much for me to feel poetic energy splashing forth. Even the simple things in life took on beautiful meanings when observed sort of askew from my perspective at the time. All things were fresh and new and I wanted to write about everything I saw. I had not fully learned that anytime one is out of their element with no predictability in sight, one shifts into a different state of mind. A different observational point from which to take in meaning of scenes and events that one is not knowledgeable about. And only remotely understanding the language.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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