• Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

"Sleep Will Not Come"

Sleep will not come...

Sleep will not come to me


give in, and

let go

It's after 3 a.m., and I

am rehashing all those really

good reasons I am still

thinking of you, and your

fitting so easily with the

pieces of my life, and yet

you feel so detached

and cool, which is a sign

of calm before a storm, which

can uproot one's world

with one stroke

and swiftly place it in

another county

Copyright 1997-2011

The feelings and hence the theme of the poetry began to formulate into thoughts about a woman waiting for me back home. Wherever home was at that time in my mind. It was the odd moments when I was alone that the thoughts about that woman back home kept replaying in my mind, like a loop. Questions without answers swirled about as I sat in a nearly bare and semi-dark room, allowing the many Kahlua's to entertain me as I sat and pondered important quesitons, without answers.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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