• Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

"In Tune With Myself"

In tune with myself

There are ten thousand things

I can always say at times

like these, flavorful days

of perusing the open markets

in El Centro Plaza, where

my voice reaches within me

speaking from the heart, and

the slightly salty sweet ocean breeze

fills my creative mental

sails, moving me along

like a corsair on a quest

for gold

Without speaking them aloud,

the words are left to dance

about the white tips of the sea

teasing me with endless possibilities

of the many journeys awaited

where sailboats fly, and

sea gulls kiss the waves

Copyright 1997-2011

A number of these poems were written while I strolled about the various neighborhoods of Old Town Mazatlan, on the other side of the bay to Zabalo Street in the Golden Zone, where nightlife flourished and everything offered the visiting tourists. That was the neighborhoods lavished in wealth. Old town was where commoners shopped and lived. Those two worlds struct me in an odd way, being a poet type.

I was straddling two worlds, able to move back and forth without anyone blinking an eye. Yet, those that I came into contact and interacted with, weren't able to do the same. I do not come from the wealthy end of the social stick. I had, by no fault of my own, become the 1% of the world, able to do what I was doing, as if it were as natural as the affects after drinking too much Kahlua. Everything became far more relevant for me after that.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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