• Grant Handgis ~ Author/Poet

"Unfolding of The Tide"

Unfolding of the tide

The tiny niña

seemed so fragile, alone

for her small hand made bundles,

seven in all, the number of

years she had known this life

where toil is embraced as acts of

eating and drinking, an integral

dance in survival in a

predatory world, and ever present


and what we condescendingly

term poverty, would be foreign

and illogical to those posted

along the streets doing business

as silly as "thin" meaning

"not large enough,"

so she sat there protective

over her wares, fidgeting between

meaningful arrangements

as lovingly as the hands

working the flour into the

tortillas being patted and

prepared for her dinner

at home

Copyright 1997-2011

During one of my afternoon visits to Old Town, and usually after I had stopped at one of the small traditional cafes for breakfast, I spent time sitting on one of the park benches facing the block long adobe building across the street that housed hundreds of stalls that were home to the locals who's livelihood depended on it for income.

There were also numerous street vendors, Maya women with children and street beggars. All intertwined into a cohesive exchange of needs. No need to confess I was enjoying these observations, as they brought forth a lot of passionate words describing what I was seeing and feeling. This one little girl, about nine years old, sat by the curb with her small blanket and seven items, displayed and reorganized every few minutes as she sat, smiling, hoping someone would be so kind to give her the few pesos she needed for the day's food. This is raw meat for poets.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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