• Richard Fenwick ~ Author/Poet

"One Moment"

One Moment

For just one moment

everything in the room makes sense:

the mahogany guitar upright

and perched on its steel pedestal,

all the novels on the undusted shelves,

even the cat curled at my leg

purring in her softest key.

It's a moment I can admire

with a song of incoming e-mail,

a red coffee cup spilling steam

into the cool air of this house,

the way it tumbles end-

over-end to disappear behind

a chair, to reappear

with every drop of water singing

against last night's dinner plates.

I wonder if astronauts, whirling

through space, have known

this moment, or timeworn

scientists – prior to discovery -

managed first to admire quills

dipped into wet, India ink.

And though I'm late and must

take trash to street, shave

and shower, clip and groom,

this moment - as opposed

to all the others – was a pleasure,

with its wintry shadows cast

against a mirror hanging

by my window, where just now

a red-throated hummingbird

hovered and sped away,

as I should, once I've stored

this moment in the warehouse

of my mind, placing it

beside the memories of you

slipping softly in the room.

Copyright 2012

Once again it is my pleasure to be posting poetry by Richard Fenwick. His lines of open verse draws the reader into his story, told through poetic metaphor. Very little is hidden within the lines of his descriptive verse, with the words themselves telling the story in a simple yet eloquent way. That leaves little to decipher as to meaning. It is this combination of uncomplicated phrase with rich meaning that carries me through the lines effortlessly, always wanting more.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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