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"Sea Wall # 2"

Sea Wall #2

I could see the fury

of the waves

patiently stalking the


Little white lines

forming in the black distance of

night, creeping low and

moving side to side

like a hungry panther

setting up the chase

From the sea wall I was

safe from the fury, yet felt

the pulling hypnotic force it

held over me, urging my caprice

with its chanting crashing roar

They were powerful, the primordial

rushes of energy, coursing

through me like dervish dancers

leaving their mark

on the soul

The sea wall is witness to such


the years, the many years


and me, fresh out of answers

but learning...

but learning

Copyright 1997-2011

This poem reflects the hours spent thinking of and writing about new insights to my life, from a different perspective than the one I brought with me. It was likely the first time in my life when I took the time to view life from another angle, outside my normal habitual perspective. The view was eye opening as well as transforming.

The poems drifted between philosophical epiphanies and realizations of the onset of love that continued to creep into my awareness. It was amazing to me how the weeks in this amazing place was doing to my world view, and to my personal constitution.

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