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Book Completion

I have been feeding the blog post a steady diet of poetry over the past weeks as I have been working on two book projects, simultaneously. I don't normall do that, for obvious reasons that any writer can call up in short order. Splitting the mental mission for the little muse usually tends to create muse friction, or worse, muse rebellion. I confess here that the battle for muse loyalty was won by the second, competing book project. I am just not a split level writer.

The usurper book is now finished, and lovingly uploaded for printing. I await my proof copy in happy anticipation of making the final online click of acceptance before release. "Alchemist's Guide; to Black & White Photo Chemistry" is the book of which I speak, and for many readers, it might just as well be entitled "Bleaching Properties; of Russett Potatoes" as a must read literary title. I assure you, if you are a black and white photographer, shooting film, and developing your negatives before printing on Silver Gelatin papers, it is a book that might just alter the way you approach your craft.

This book represents the accumulated knowledge of thirty years of commercial photography, including being a gallery owner representing fine art photographers, and years of experience in fine art printing. Expect the official listing date in approximately two weeks. This book will be listed on the landing page of my website, enabling the reader to jog over there to preview what I am prattling on about, as grandma might quip. I will be doing that work today. So stay tuned.

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