• Richard Fenwick ~ Author/Poet

"Winter Rye"

Winter Rye

On an evening of poetry,

my mind drifts back to May

when the pale-green Bermuda

replaced the Winter Rye.

We closed her niche like

a midnight whisper across

a wide expanse of bed,

and gathered at my father's

house, where he tended

to every guest, reverential,

pouring wine, smiling

at nervous jokes to console us -

the way a poem does – when

rain pushed us indoors.

Now spring is gone summer

has leaked in, the Bermuda

is full and faint. Yet

I think of him in May,

graceful with the wine stylish

in a coat and tie, peaceful

as he stood so still

in the last small patch

of dark-green Winter Rye

Copyright 2012

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g. Michael Handgis Photography


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