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"Working on that tan"

Working on that tan

Faithfully, I am on the beach

every day, about the time the

heat drives all but stubborn

squealing children

to cool interiors.

Only the boldest of beach venders

beat back the July sun by

hiding behind a mountain of

wares, yet I stick it out,

another hour

another hour

dancing carefully

along the thin line of taking

the sun, and stroke.

Kissing the sun with my

body, cheering wildly inside

knowing I finally made it here

on a forgiving beach in

Mazatlan, yet no matter

how much I pile up the

tan, I still look

and sweat

like a Gringo

Copyright 1997-2011

I was becoming ever more accustomed to the daily routines of life in Mexico, finding it so very refreshing to my senses. I could do this... forever. What was not to like about it. The little muse visited me so often I thought they'd never leave. I was also focusing my of my thinking to myself, in the world, and how that looked from a second view. As the poem indicates, I spent many, many hours on that stretch of Mazatlan beach. I came to know many of the vendors by name, or at least by my entertaining use of their language when interacting with them. I was a much a novelty to them as they were to me.


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