• Richard Fenwick ~ Author/Poet

"In Praise of Profanity"

In Praise of Profanity

Yellow chrysanthemums

light this overly drab kitchen

where she cooks hash browns,

the sweet scent of sausage

reminding me of another house,

in grandfather's kitchen

near Sault Ste. Marie,

pine needles in thick woods

lichens on rocks,

baskets of blueberries for pies.

There was sweet corn at night,

Great Northern Pike

and baked potatoes piled

with sour cream, and here

she cooks for me, browning

butter to scramble eggs

as I sit at our table

reading old passages from

a notebook, where I've written –

inexplicably – that love

is a four-letter word.

Copyright 2012


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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