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"Speaking in tongues"

Speaking in tongues

Funny how one runs into

gringos in Mexico, who have

spent lives nestled in the

idealistic tender arms of white

man's rules, and

values which decry official

language adherence, English

of course, to keep the very

fiber of civilization in tact,

while over umpteen beers

each night, until rosy nosed,

contemptuously disclaim Dylan

as a whiner who can't sing,

but wants rosy nosed tubby

white men to send all their

money to some starving sick kid

in Venezuela, which certainly works

for me. It's a hard sell

for a dysfunctional opinion, as

hearing this all,

and then his ordering, in a

language inconsistent with

this country, and

him complaining about their

lack of ability to

understand him,

puts him square in the middle

of the cross-hairs

to his argument

Copyright 1997-2011

Being nearly a military retired type at the time, there were several meals and after meal drinks with other retired types who were visiting or who lived there. Ex military retired types I came across were pretty forgiving individuals. Not all. One such interaction during an after dinner conversation with too many cervezes to count already behind us, there was this one individual who harbored a great deal of resentment against foreigners who came to the U.S., without being able to speak the language. Yet here we sat, in a foreign country, with him living there, and his anger was palpable because the waiters didn't speak English. Hence the use of the term irony. I began penning the lines to this poem before the fuller ending of that conversation. It went on for way too long.


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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