• Rickard Fenwick ~ Author/Poet

"A Short Walk on the Shimokia Peninsula"

A Short Walk on the Shimokia Peninsula

If you're reading this,

please note I've added a sunset filled

with pink and orange popcorn clouds

in a swimming pool sky stringy

cotrails of passing planes, a breeze

to whisper in your ears

Let me throw in a willow tree

as it tastes the water of a small trout brook,

the steady patter making you weary

too early in the day.

Since we've come this far,

why don't we add a sonnet by Shakespeare,

one he's asked us to revise for him

given our flair for poetry.

Now imagine: none of this exists,

no sky filled with clouds, no trees sipping

from a creek, and Shakespeare

doesn't need our help

to write one of a thousand sonnets.

What there is, dear reader,

is a sliver of a moon smiling down

through the last turquoise of this day

while we march our wooded trail,

my arm round your shoulder

watching the earth move and kissing it -

like a kite kisses the sky -

on both of its beautiful, blue cheeks.

Copyright 2012


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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