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"The closing act"

The closing act

The show was under the

neon sign of La Isla Market

where so many other performances

took place with a more

splendid line-up than Vegas

as one young boy dipping

and undulating like a

Turkish belly dancer, and

a rhythm section half pint

drumming out the frantic beat of

Macarena, from a

discarded mango stick, and

a mineral water bottle A la

Buddy Rich, then finishing up

the act with a rendition of

Broadway on Sabalo Street

that would make Ethel Merman proud


sprinted for the bus

heading south, leaving me

all this

for the cost

of a Corona.

Copyright 1997-2011

Like the poem “Pedro's Fish & Chips”, this poem was also penned from the same seat under the palapa roof of that restaurant, situated at a corner along Sabalo Street. The view from this spot was unparalleled for the many characters who frequented the stores and eateries along the street. Pedro's had a phone booth at the end of the southern wall, opened on three sides, where conversations were easily overheard when one sat at those tables. At night, the characters came alive, and that gave me a grand view of things, and all I had to do was sit there sipping on a Corona and pen the lines as fast as I could.


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