• Richard Fenwick ~ Author/Poet

"Birthday Song"

Birthday Song

We were eating Red Snapper

when you poured a glass of wine,

candles dancing like Salomé

and the seven veils,

to talk of what little we knew

about Puccini and operas, arias,

watching our shadows tremble

on the opposite wall.

I proposed a small toast to

the inadequate mysteries of youth,

as she glanced at me across

the table, and smiled through

the candles to ring her glass

against mine, the music of wine

filling the nook like bells

at Saint Anthony's. And after

I dried wet dishes, I took her

in my arms to hum some

Buddy Holly tune, and danced

her down a half-lit hall,

our shadows finally merging.

Our shadows always merging.

Copyright 2012


g. Michael Handgis Photography


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